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Nurturing the health and wellbeing of your team

Our vision is to lead a transformative movement in cultivating holistic wellbeing within workplaces, empowering individuals and organisations to thrive together.

Nurturing the health and wellbeing of your team

Personalised support, unique to your organisations needs

At OptiMe, our passion lies in creating thriving work environments where individuals can flourish and unleash their true potential

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OptiMe Impact Story:
John's Journey

John's Journey


Meet John, a resilient individual who battled anxiety and self-confidence issues in his younger years, impacting various aspects of his life, from education to job applications. Despite these challenges, he secured his first job at 20 and found a supportive partner, marking a positive turning point.


Life took an unexpected turn when John's fiancée faced a cancer diagnosis. Feeling overwhelmed, John reached out to his manager, who, recognizing the gravity of the situation, recommended professional help. This led to John's introduction to the OptiMe app.


OptiMe became a sanctuary for John, providing a calming escape. His GP, in collaboration with the Crisis Team, offered the necessary support. OptiMe and the Crisis Team became invaluable tools in helping John navigate through these challenging times.


Grateful for the support from his manager and the combined efforts of OptiMe and the Crisis Team, John, alongside his family, is managing well despite his fiancée's ongoing treatment. This journey showcases the transformative impact of technology and professional support on mental health outcomes.


John's story is a testament to resilience and the power of support. Even in the face of life's difficulties, there's always hope. OptiMe and the Crisis Team played a crucial role in John's journey, illustrating that with the right tools and support, individuals can overcome adversity and enhance their mental health. This success story reinforces the positive impact that OptiMe can have on people's lives.

Meet The Team

Bethany Ainsley - Founder and CEO

Meet Bethany

Founder and CEO

Meet Bethany Ainsley, the visionary Founder and CEO behind OptiMe. With 15+ years in Health and Wellbeing Leadership and People Management, Bethany, a qualified Corporate Wellbeing Specialist, identified the need for high-level wellbeing support during business growth and personal challenges. Bethany established OptiMe to transform employee health and wellbeing. Her commitment led to national recognition, including the Susan Dobson Award for Entrepreneurship, David Goldman Prize for Innovation, and IoD North East & Yorkshire Director of the Year. Under Bethany’s leadership, OptiMe is devoted to guiding individuals and businesses towards greater health, happiness, and productivity.

David - Creative Director


Creative Director

Rebecca - Marketing Specialist


Marketing Specialist

Rob - Technical Director


Technical Director

Vic - Chairman



A proven approach to health and wellbeing in the workplace awaits.

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