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Your path to a happier, healthier, more productive workplace

The OptiMe all-in-one digital platform is designed to support HR Professionals and People Managers in addressing challenges such as stress, burnout, and mental health. It utilises the six pillars of wellbeing, adopts an individualised approach, provides scientifically verified data insights for strategic decision-making, and includes dedicated HR functionality.

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OptiMe • Your path to a happier, healthier, more productive workplace

Making a real difference in wellness at work

We go beyond the ordinary, providing data-driven insights that empower informed decisions and tangible results. What sets OptiMe apart is our unwavering support for the person entrusted with wellbeing within your organisation. We ensure that you’re never navigating this journey alone, offering valuable data to showcase the impact of our interventions. We work hand in hand with you to make those initial steps towards implementing an effective wellbeing programme more manageable.

OptiMe • Your path to a happier, healthier, more productive workplace

Personalised Wellbeing

OptiMe combines scientifically proven tools with expert insights for tailored support.

Vital Content

Access resources from health professionals and coaches on topics like relaxation, anxiety, menopause, and men’s health.

High Engagement

Enjoy interactive features that track and reward progress, making wellbeing engaging.


Businesses of all sizes are signed up to OptiMe, from start-ups to corporations.

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Built on Six Pillars of Wellbeing, we’re here to reduce stress and improve life quality.

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Is the OptiMe app confidential?

Yes. How and when you use the OptiMe app is entirely anonymous. This includes the 24/7 counselling support line.

Does the OptiMe app personalise content to suit my needs?

Yes, every month the OptiMe app will suggest personalised content and resources based on the information you have shared within the software.

What kind of rewards and prizes can I receive?

By completing your monthly goal you will have access to a bonus workshop ranging from an exclusive Pilates workout to making your own Christmas wreath! Examples of competition prizes include gift hampers, spa days and vouchers.

What device can I access the OptiMe app on?

You can access the OptiMe app on any digital device. The OptiMe app can be accessed on your phone or tablet through the App Store and Google Play store, as well as on your laptop or computer through the login page.

How much does the OptiMe app cost?

The OptiMe app is an affordable solution that costs less than a cup of coffee per employee, per month, with the price reducing even further as employee numbers increase. Contact us today to receive your personalised quote.

What is the setup process like?

The setup process is quick and easy. We just need a few details and your logo to set up your company account and branded platform. Our team is here to ensure onboarding is a smooth process, providing you with bespoke marketing materials and a designated customer support officer.

A proven approach to health and wellbeing in the workplace awaits.

Unlock the full potential of your HR function with the OptiMe app: bridging the gap between wellbeing and business excellence.

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