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This course can be delivered in-house at your workplace, online, or through our user-friendly online training portal, allowing you to learn at your own pace through self-guided study.

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Module 1

Workplace Wellbeing and Business Success

In this module, you will gain an introduction to workplace health and wellbeing, recognising the vital connection between employee wellbeing and overall business success.

Module 2

Building a Culture of Wellbeing

Discover strategies to create a supportive workplace culture and delve into the pivotal role that leadership plays in actively promoting employee wellbeing.

Module 3

Understanding Mental Health

Gain insight into a range of mental health challenges, develop skills to combat stigma, and discover resources for signposting individuals to support.

Module 4

Combatting Stress and Burnout

Delve into stress management and burnout prevention, incorporating guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) on stress and mental health at work.

Module 5

Data-Driven Workplace Wellbeing

Discover the role data can play in developing and analysing your wellbeing programme, and understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality in managing this information.

Module 6


Explore a range of techniques for measuring wellbeing outcomes, identifying success indicators, and actively fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Module 7

Wellbeing Initiatives

Learn to implement diverse wellbeing initiatives as part of your wellbeing programme, including activities, wellbeing technology, and strategies for seamlessly integrating wellbeing into daily work life.

Module 8

Effectively Communicating Your Wellbeing Initiatives

Explore effective communication strategies to promote your wellbeing programme. Learn to convey the benefits of wellbeing initiatives clearly, fostering engagement and participation among employees.

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I really enjoyed the workshop. I found it very informative, interesting and accessible. Jazmin and Bethany were both excellent presenters and very knowledgeable,approachable and professional. I would definitely recommend your services to businesses I engage with.

Katie Bowes,

Durham County Council

The advice on portion sizes was really helpful and the diagrams gave you a good visual tool for focusing on this. The talk was engaging and gave helpful practical tips.

Workshop Attendee,

Muckle LLP

We really enjoyed the Workplace Wellbeing session delivered by Bethany and her team and found it enlightening. The buzz and laughter in the room was lovely to hear and we’re sure that our attendees went home with lots of useful hints and tips.

Ngozi Lyn Cole,

GLT Partners

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