Unlocking the Power of Sober October in the Workplace

What is Sober October?

Sober October is a charitable campaign that encourages individuals to go alcohol free for the entire month of October, while raising funds for Macmillan Cancer Support. Participating in Sober October goes beyond charitable giving; it reflects your dedication to creating a positive nationwide influence while enhancing your own health and wellness. By inspiring your employees and workplace community, you have the opportunity to provide crucial support to countless individuals living with cancer in the UK.


What are the benefits of participating in Sober October for my organisation?

Participating in Sober October can promote a healthier workplace culture by encouraging employees to go alcohol-free, leading to potential wellbeing benefits such as improved physical health, enhanced mental clarity, better sleep patterns, more energy and a sense of achievement. These outcomes can lead to reduced absenteeism and heightened productivity, contributing to a more robust, efficient and positive workforce. 


Beyond the feel-good aspects, engaging in Sober October showcases your organisation’s commitment to social responsibility, contributing to vital cancer support services, aligning your organisation with a meaningful philanthropic effort. The initiative also fosters a sense of community and team spirit, as colleagues collectively embrace the challenge. Strengthening interpersonal bonds, it’s a great opportunity to improve social wellbeing within the organisation and strengthen workplace camaraderie. 


How can my organisation get involved?

To participate and raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support, first register your organisation here. Below are three fun team activities which you can do with your employees to encourage fundraising and see if your organisation can make an appearance on the leaderboard of top teams, which can be viewed here! 


Healthy Mocktail Mix-Off Challenge

Host a friendly competition to find the best alcohol-free mocktail recipe within your organisation. Encourage employees to get creative and craft their own unique drinks. Consider having a taste-testing event or a virtual mix-off competition judged by a panel or by popular vote. This activity combines fun, team engagement, and a chance to discover delicious, non-alcoholic alternatives.


Fill the Jar Challenge

Place a ‘spare change’ collection jar in the office and motivate employees to fill it up by the end of October – this could even come from the money saved by abstaining from alcohol purchases. 


Coffee, Cupcakes and Conversation

Encourage the team to do some baking and host a bake sale during lunch or break. You could even link this up with a coffee morning and invite some people from outside of the organisation to come along for informal networking and a chat. This is a great way to boost social wellbeing, while maximising fundraising and enjoying some delicious baked goods! 


Celebratory Wrap-Up Challenge

As October comes to a close, plan a memorable celebration to acknowledge your employees’ dedication and accomplishments. Host a Sober October closing ceremony where you share the collective impact your organisation has made through fundraising. Highlight personal achievements, recognise outstanding participants, and express gratitude for their commitment to the cause.

To start your journey towards a happier, healthier, more productive workplace email to discuss your requirements further.

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